Get to play with one of the few 30cal

machine guns in the country

With this weapon you have the power, the range and, best of all, a vehicle

Foot soldier - the man that can

Can you take on the big gun?

The Lone wolf - the sniper that can’t get caught

The soldier that likes to push forward to clear the bases

Bring your own gear and guns


The Kick Ass Package, you get to play with one of the few 30cal machine guns in the country. The Browning 30cal is fitted with a 3000 round box mag enabling you to stop any enemy advance. To hire this package, you need to be fit as the gun is not as easy to move about with.



Browning 30Cal

3000 round box mag

Face mask

2 pots of 0.2 Razer Bb’s (6600)

Side arm (pistol)

2 Pyros (over 18 only)


The Ultimate package, there is no other gun like this, with this weapon you have the power, the range and best of all a vehicle. The Browning 50cal is mounted on our Beaver 4-wheel drive wagon so you can go almost any ware, you get your own driver for the day. Protect the convoy or lay down suppressing fire to help your team to victory.



Browning 50cal

3000 round box mag

Face mask

2 pots of 0.2 Razer BB’s (6600)

Side arm (Pistol)

2 Pyros (over 18 only)


The private package, you are the foot soldier, the man that can. With this package you have a choice of either the M4/M16 or AK47 assault rifle. You will need to hold the front line and keep an eye on the rear in case the enemy try to out flank you. If you feel like the player that like to get up close and clear the bases, then look at our Sergeant Package.


M4/M16 or AK 47 assault rifle

Single hi cap Mag (300 rounds)

Ammo clip of 1200 rounds 0.2 Razer BB’s


Can you take on the big gun, the 249 Support weapon. Keep up with the foot soldier and lay down suppressing fire to aid you team to the objective. Keep the enemy’s heads down with a barrage of BB’s. This package takes skill and fitness, are you up for it?


M249 Support weapon

2500 round box mag

1 pot of 0.2 Razer BB’s (3300)

Side arm

2 x Pyros (over 18’s only)


The Corporal Package, you are the lone Wolf, the sniper that can’t get caught and can’t be seen. Your mission is stealth, take out the enemy chain of command and work your way down. This package also includes a side arm in case you need to get up close and personal. Please be aware that the sniper has a minimum engagement distance of 30M any closer than that you MUST switch to your side arm or just bug out.


Spring Sniper rifle with scope

Single low cap mag

Speed loader

Side arm

Pot of 500 0.25 Razer BB’s


You are the soldier who likes to push forward to clear bases and take the fight to the enemy. You have a choice of the M4/M16, MP5 or AK47 Assault rifle and a side arm. You like to lead the team and keep them together, can you, are you up for the challenge? Then this package could be for you.


M4/M16, AK47 or MP5

Single hi cap mag

Side arm

Ammo clip of 1200 rounds 0.2 Razer BB’s


Want to go that little bit further? Then try out our package enhancement where you get webbing and more! Available for the Private, Lance Corporal, Corporal, and sergeant packages.


Nuprol Webbing, Belt and Yoke

Fitted with pouches to put all your extra gear

An extra hi Cap mag

And extra 1200 rounds of 0.2 Razer BB’s


Bring your own gear and guns and enjoy the day.

£45 pa

Membership Benefits:

  • 20% discount on Walkon fees

  • UPTo15% discount on UWG Consumables

  • 10% discount on Pyro (over 18 only)

  • Automatic UKARA registration when Junoir reach 18

  • ½ Price Boot Fair Stall

  • Occasional Special offers from UAS

  • First Dibs on Special offers and events at UWG

Membership runs from 1st September to 31st August each year.

Application forms Available here.

Terms and Conditions:

All packages include lunch and MOD clothing, no discount is offered if you bring your own kit, Kick ass and Ultimate package are limited to one of each, Lance corporal and corporal are limited to two per day. So make sure you get in quick, to book you package please contact us via email stating the players name, package and date you’d like to come along and we will confirm your place. For the Kick ass and Ultimate package, a deposit of £50.00 is required to confirm your booking, no deposit then we cannot guarantee your package as they are sold on a first come first served bases.



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