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Ever looked into or wanted to be a part of the of the Special Services, such as the SAS, Navy Seals or Green Berets? Well now's your time to get involved and let the battle commence! Ultimate Wargames are able to provide you and your team wishes come true, but without the danger of really being at war.

At Ultimate Wargames our Airsoft scenario's are realistic, demanding, challenging, but most of all enjoyable. At our sites, we are able to bring to you the reality of combat without the danger. We supply you with exact replica weapons to fire 6mm plastic BB's, making this the most authentic Airsoft action you could wish to be involved in. You grab your team, we will bring the realism, guns, clothing, BB's and let the battle commence against each other to secure defensive positions, free prisoners or attack secret locations.

Ultimate Wargames have now been established for over 10 years, we as a team are able to cater for such events as corporate events, group bookings, team events, stag nights, hen nights, Ladies only days or single players if you want to come down on your own - all will be more than welcome. Start your Airsoft Experience and ring one of our friendly member's of staff today!


About Ultimate Wargames


Ultimate Wargames has been established for almost 10 years. Terry and Nick purchased the business in January 2015, as parents of airsofters and successful businessmen in their own rights they saw the unused potential in Ultimate Wargames and have since brought it on leaps and bounds.

Who are we?


Terry Rayner, the Boss, in charge of Customer relations. Terry’s main business is the transportation/shipping of large and oversized loads all over the world. From large engineering machines to well we don’t ask cause its top secret. Terry with his son Jake run Ultimate Airsoft Supplies, which specialises in hard to get Quality Rif's as well as your standard quality makes and the accessories to go with it. Terry is the man to see if you want to book or you need another Weapon in your collection.


Tim Riddoch, the Gun Smith Tim an auto electrician by trade is our head marshal and gunsmith. If you have a problem with your AEG or want an upgrade he is the man to see.


The UWG Team

George, Jake & Calum:
George, Jake, and Calum are the Main Marshals at UWG; keeping the games going and making sure you all play by the rules

Mark, Shane & Steve:

Mark, Shane, and Steve are the Guest Marshals at UWG. 

Michelle and Nikki:
The two Ladies who keep us all going during the day.

Resident Teams:
We at UWG welcome teams to our site, All we ask of a team for it to Gain Resident status is that the majority of the Team attend either one of our sites for no less than 26 game days in every year.

Our Current Teams

The Old Codgers (Over 21’s)
Scared Hitless (Under 21’s)

New teams are always welcome!

All ages come and play from 12 to our oldest player 70, all join in to have the fun we like to provide. 

Safety it the biggest rule at UWG by me and my team, there is no aggression on site as my team and myself will not tolerate it. We are a fun loving, fun playing site that wants to have adventure. So if you fancy the outdoors, with a bit of army that’s safe and exciting, then give us a call or pop in for a chat.

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