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Sun, 06 Sept


Ultimate Wargames


Objective based game to run all day, can your team collect enough resources and then hold on to them? Pre Purchase your pyro to get the best price, limited time only.

Registration is Closed
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Time & Location

06 Sept 2020, 09:00

Ultimate Wargames, Horton Wood, School Lane, Longfield, Kent, DA3 8NY

About The Event

Come and join us for our unique BATTLE ROYALE game mode. Players may come and camp from Saturday afternoon the day before if they want to come and join us for the social the evening before or simply to escape the wife! 


Players are competing in a fictional Game Show similar to Battle Royale whereby they are forced to compete against multiple teams of 10-12 players. Each team needs to secure resources in order to win the game and survive to fight another day, or otherwise be executed! 

There are only 2 of each type of resource, so not every team can survive, meaning teams may have to raid/steal supplies from competing teams!

Resources are dropped at “THE DROP ZONE”  which is controlled by the game show hosts. The DZ is guarded by INVINCIBLE JUGGERNAUTS! 

You may only safely retrieve resources from The DZ when the area is live, which is signalled by ONE LONG BLAST ON THE AIR HORN. 

When The DZ is live, you have 5 minutes before the game hosts close the area, this is signalled by TWO SHORT BLASTS ON THE AIR HORN. Players then have 30 seconds to vacate the area before the Juggernauts eliminate all who are foolish enough to remain in the area


Each team will be given a base building kit, which they will take out into the site at the start of the game, they will have 15 minutes to choose a location to set up their base. This will be where resources must be taken back to. This will also be your main regen point. However your base can be raided and your supplies can be stolen! So if you secure all of your resources you should guard this position until endex, as teams must have one of each resource at the end of the game in order to win! 

To deploy your base, hang up your team flag at the area you want to secure as your base, this can not be moved until the game is over. So pick your area wisely. It must also not be in an area visible from the DROP ZONE 

You also must designate a Base Dead Zone by placing a second team Flag approx 15-20 meters behind your base and must be visible from your base, you must also use hazard tape to to create this area as will be explained in the game briefing. 

This is where you must wait if you get hit whilst an enemy team is attacking your base, you must wait here until the attacking players have left the area, you may then regenerate but must not go immediately after the players who just wiped you out (play within the spirit of the game) 


When attacking an enemy base, you must finish your attack within 10 minutes and you must attack in a group of no less than 4 players from your team, if you have not captured the base within that 10 minute window you must fall back and try again later (at least 10 mins) 

You must not shoot enemy players waiting in the dead zone.


10:30 - 13:00 Morning Session

13:00 - LUNCH

14:00 - 16:30 Afternoon Session (restart game on other gaming area) 


Each team must secure ONE of every resource by the end of the game. 





Booking Terms and Conditions:

Bookings are non-refundable and non-transferable. Payment in full must be made at time of booking. In the case of the UK Gov shutting down all airsoft sites due to Covid-19 refunds will be issued via PayPal.

Covid 19 Statement

To Keep within the government’s guidelines Ultimate wargames are limiting the number of spaces available to players on game days and changing the way we do things.

To keep our crew and customers safe and well please follow the following safety guidelines:

  • If you feel unwell, please stay away until you feel better.
  • If you or Close Family members are at risk or have underlying medical condition stay at home as per medical advice.
  • Bring and use your own Hand Sanitiser – a limited supply is available for sale from our shop.
  • Keep your kit to a minimum, only bring what you need and leave it in your car where possible.
  • Spaces in the safe zone are limited so if you can set up from the back of your car please do so to help others that can’t.
  • Players will be allocated a space in the safe zone on a first come first served basis.
  • No hot food will be served until further notice, but tea coffee and cold drinks available as normal.
  • Please pay via card or PayPal as much as possible.
  • All Hire packages will be issued with a New and Sealed full-face mask for YOU to use. This is then yours to keep and look after.
  • Adhere to the current government guidelines on social distancing.
  • Places are limited and must be booked and PAID for in advance. No on the day walk-on’s or Hires unless by prior arrangement with UWG.

Pyro Price List

(Pyros available to over 18’s only)

WP40 Wire Pull Smoke Grenades, Single Vent 90-120 seconds duration, Black, Orange, Purple, Blue and green:

£4.50 ea. / 5 for  £20.00

EG25 Micro Smoke Grenades, 30 seconds duration, Wire pull ignition, Yellow, Purple, Black and Green:

£3.00 ea.

5 for  £13.50

10 for  £25.00

EG67 Frag Grenade, Wire Pull ignition 3 second delay:

£ 5.00 ea.

5 for  £22.50

MK5 Thunder flash, Friction Ignition – NOISE ONLY

£3.00 ea.

5 for  £13.50

10 for  25.00

MK7 Thunder flash, Friction Ignition – NOISE ONLY

£4.00 ea.

5 for  £ 17.50

10 for  £ 32.00

Flash Grenade 3.0, NOISE and White Flash

£6.00 ea.

5 for  £25.00

Pyro Special Offers

(Pyros available to over 18’s only)

5 x Mk5 Thunder flash: £12.00

10 x MK5 Thunder flash: £20.00

5 x WP40 Mixed pack (one of each colour): £18.50

6 x EG67 TAG Grenades: £45.00 per box (limited supply)

Reopening Price drop only available to pre booking. Prices not available on the day. Your pyro will be waiting for you when you check in.


  • Walk-on entry ticket

    Sale ended
  • Basic Hire Package

    Sold Out
  • ADD-ON: Pistol Enhanced Hire

    Sale ended
  • ADD-ON: 5 x Mk5 Thunder flash

    OVER 18s ONLY

    Sale ended
  • ADD-ON: 10x MK5 Thunder flash

    OVER 18s ONLY

    Sale ended
  • ADD-ON: 5 x WP40 Mixed pack

    OVER 18s ONLY

    Sale ended
  • ADD-ON: 6 x EG67 TAG Grenades

    OVER 18s ONLY

    Sale ended



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