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Fri, 26 Jul




A rich & immersive Vietnam airsoft experience. See for details

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Time & Location

26 Jul 2019, 16:00 – 28 Jul 2019, 16:00

UWG, 1 School lane, Fawkham, Kent DA3 8NY

About The Event

American forces continue to scour the province in search of the elusive General Myhk who has been a substantial thorn in the side to American forces operating in the region.

General Myhk is a much revered general to Vietcong fighters having earned himself a fearsome reputation. Responsible for the deaths of many American soldiers through fighting as well as the use of bombs/booby traps and is credited with the capture of many missing American’s suspected as POW’s. Myhks forces can also be linked with the movement of weapons across the Laotian border which resulted in the downing of American Aircraft.

As a result the arrest of General Myhk is a priority target for MACVSOG who are under CIA guidance to arrest and detain Myhk in an effort to deal a major blow to VC command structure and morale. Myhk and other key command figures are now pursued relentlessly.

One of the few successes of Americans in the region has been pressure put on Vietcong supply lines which must be re-established, however the situation concerning supplies is equally perilous for both sides…

The skies are deemed too dangerous for regular resupply of food to Firebase Davies and American forces have brokered a deal to pay local farmers handsomely for their produce.

This has led the Vietcong to devise a campaign of terror against the farmers. Intended to starve the firebase and to coerce support from other civilians. For whom relations with the Americans have been chequered due to previously disastrous attempt to win hearts and minds, having been treated with hostility by American Commanders convinced of civilian Vietcong complicity.

Vietcong forces will need to identify and execute the farmers responsible for supplying American firebase's, making an example of them in order to recruit/coerce the remaining civilian populace. Set up new supply lines all the while ensuring the protection of General Myhk and his closest Lieutenants

Americans must ensure the protection of loyal farmers who have been well paid to supplement American firebase food supplies, rescue POW’s from captivity. Search for intel and key lieutenants who may be able to shed light on General Myhks whereabouts. Maintain positive relations with civilians who are potentially at risk of having no choice but to support the Vietcong. This is a perilous situation for both sides, neither can afford to lose at this stage with too much at stake.

Event Schedule


Arrivals from 11:00

(for setting up camp & drinking beers)


Gates Open 08:00

Day Game Brief 09:30

Day Game Start 10:15

Day Game End 17:00

Night Game Brief 19:00

Night Game Start 19:30

Night Game End 21:30


Gates Open 08:00

Game Brief 09:30

Game End 14:30

Held at: Ultimate Wargames Fawkham, School Lane, Horton Kirby, Dartford, Kent, DA4 9DQ

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